What our clients say


 "Mark has coached me for most of my BE years, from the U18 JRN programme , through Juniors and on to the U21 Young Riders which I am currently involved in with Onno and Miller.  He also trains me on 2 young horses coming up through the levels.

The great size of Mark's school enables  excellent grid work sessions for the babies, as well as practising up to height courses over a full set of jumps for my older ones to ensure I am fully prepared for all of my competitions.  

Mark is very good at making sure each  each lesson is individual for each horse. He always comes up with common sense, and always looks on the bright side, even when some of my competitions do not go according to plan. Mark never doubts me, is hugely approachable and is incredibly supportive throughout each event. 

Mark  is not just a trainer for me, but a complete mentor. I feel I can talk to him about short and long term goals and can ask for advice for each event. Mark is great at helping me organise my events calendar, as he knows what it best for each horse. 

Mark also helps me with the complete care for my horses; offering advice on their feeding to their fitness programmes, even though I am not a livery!  He is an integral part of my event season. I thoroughly enjoy my lessons with Mark, and I know my horses do too!"

Georgia Hatton-Brown



"I have been trained by Mark for over 5 years now for all my show jumping and cross country activity with each horse I have owned including Vardigo (George) and Rathsallagh Royale (Jack).

Mark is a fantastic trainer as he has a plan in his head for each horse I ride, for me and for us as a partnership.  Each week we build on our previous sessions. 
He has guided me through the ranks of British Eventing and is always there for all of us who train with him for advice, course walks, and warm up whenever he is attending the same BE events, over and above our regular training.
My sessions with Mark are a highlight of my week, as not only are they constructive but insightful and most importantly, fun!  I feel very lucky to have Mark as part of the team that support me."
Laura Normand


"Rawlins Farm provide an excellent professional service. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. The care they give the horses is second to none, as they treat each horse as an individual.  Nothing is ever too big or too small to ask for.  The fantastic care is followed by great facilities and a warm and friendly atmosphere."

Camilla Kleeman





"The care of the horses is excellent and nothing is too much trouble for the staff. There is a lovely atmosphere on the yard and my horse is happy and settled. I wish I had found Rawlins Farm sooner."

Jenny Cox








"I arrived at Rawlins Farm at the end of 2011, my mare was a complicated and sensitive person; we had our fair share of challenges. Moving to Rawlins Farm for competition livery and training has been the making of our relationship as horse and rider, the change in her and our combined progress has been remarkable. Mark's advice and expertise is invaluable and no-one looks after a horse better than Sian.  Absolutely the best decision I could have made."

Ali Johnson











"I couldn't have found a better yard.  I took up riding again after a  long break last year and Mark has really looked after me and my horse!  The staff and owners on the yard have been extremely welcoming and people compete across a whole range of disciplines. The horses are happy and well-cared for and Mark has a fantastic ability to teach all levels and abilities."

Polly Sargent






“If you want a friendly environment with absolutely fantastic care for you horses; where nothing is too much trouble, then look no further. Mark and his team offer a perfect combination of really good training options and individual care for both of my boys."
Melissa Howett



“Mark has been helping me event since I came back to the sport 3 years ago after an almost 20 year break.  He is the most fantastic coach, confidence giver, sympathetic rider and thoroughly sound guy.  He took me through to BE Novice from a standing start on an inexperienced horse and helped me find my new horse Bhalu.  He has time for everyone and brings out the best in both horse and rider.  I would recommend him and the team at Rawlins without reservation."
Isabella Von Mesterhazy